Retirement Planning

We will help you develop a comprehensive retirement funding model that:

  • Tracks the growth of your retirement resources and benefits
  • Adjusts your objectives and resources for future changes in inflation, taxation and income
  • Projects potential surpluses or deficiencies in your retirement funding program
  • Calculates the additional funding or investment return required to help meet your retirement objectives

Identify and evaluate the full range of retirement funding options available to you.

Design a retirement funding program that most effectively helps to meet your retirement income objectives.

Develop a comprehensive qualified plan and IRA distribution model that analyzes the distribution options available to you:

  • Lump sum distributions
    • Long-term capital gain tax treatment
    • Tax deferral on employer securities

  • IRA Rollover
    • Income taxation at withdrawal

  • Periodic, annual, or annuity distributions
    • Analysis of annuity options
    • Early (before age 59.5) withdrawals and 10% penalty tax
    • Required (after age 70.5) withdrawals and 10% penalty tax

  • Distributions at death
    • Estate tax and income tax
    • Unlimited marital deduction and unified credit

  • Design a retirement distribution strategy that helps to minimize taxation, meet retirement income requirements and maximize net accumulation