At Honeycutt, Smith & Associates, our goal is to build a clientele of satisfied, loyal clients through the consistent delivery of the very best products and services available.

Our financial planning services are specifically designed for individuals whose finances have become too complicated and time consuming to manage personally, but who are not yet in a position where they need or can afford to employ someone full-time to manage their financial affairs for them.

What distinguishes our services from most traditional approaches to financial planning is that our objectives are not to design and recommend one particular strategy for you. All strategies involve trade offs. Often there is no one best strategy. And all strategies are subject to change over time. Our objectives are to work closely with you to identify and evaluate a range of alternatives so that you can make informed and timely decisions regarding each of the financial strategies under consideration.

We want to be sure that throughout the planning process you remain informed and in control, that you remain the decision maker.

And since results are the very reason for planning in the first place, we help you to implement and coordinate each of the strategies you select.

Also, because time and accessibility are so important to our clients, all of our planning is done at our office by our professional staff.

The work we do, however, does not replace the need for your CPA or attorney. To the contrary, we strongly believe that the system of checks and balances that results from having all of your advisors working together as a team is the best way to help ensure the development of the most meaningful financial plan for you.

We appreciate the opportunity to prepare a financial planning engagement proposal for you. And we look forward to beginning what we trust will become a mutually satisfying and rewarding long term relationship.