Investment Services

Plan Investment Policy Creation and Ongoing Maintenance

The Investment Policy Statement acts as a guiding roadmap for the Plan and Plan Sponsor. The construction of an effective IPS should address the following:

  • Define the statement of purpose
    • Exclusive benefit clause
    • Annual review of IPS
    • Right to amend
  • Establish investment committee oversight
    • Number, selection criteria and term for members
    • Meeting dates and voting rules
    • Stated investment objectives
  • Establish performance expectations
    • Cover investment costs
    • Determine diversification
  • Create investment guidelines
    • Select investment categories
    • Define restrictions, if any
    • Criteria for selecting investment options and managers
      • Monitoring and watchlist criteria
      • Default investment options - in line with QDIA regulations

Investment Menu/Strategy Creation and Ongoing Performance Monitoring

We can assist in the selection of initial investment options, and will recommend the mapping of prior investments to new options when they no longer meet the Investment Policy Statement's selection criteria.

We engage in regular monitoring of investment performance through outside sources such as fi360 lens and Morningstar Fund Reports. Our Annual Plan Review includes a comprehensive investment analysis including both qualitative and quantitative data.